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Teaching is my superpower...what's yours?


Miss S  lephanie

teaches young children & the young at heart:

Private flute lessons

Kinderflute classes

Band workshops

Elementary music classes

Instrument demos

Exam & audition prep

Master classes

Summer/Day camps

Music clinics & more...

Meet your new teacher

I strongly believe the student - teacher relationship is the most critical aspect to private music lessons.  In order for students to feel confident and be successful, they have to feel comfortable with their teacher.  
I offer a free trial lesson to any student who is interested in having me as their teacher to ensure we are the right fit for one another.  If private flute lessons are something you're interested in pursuing, drop me a line because I'd love to hear from you!



Are you looking for a clinician to work with your flutists?  Maybe you're looking for a fun afternoon of music making or maybe even a regular class that runs all year. Whatever you're looking for, I'm here to help.  Let's grab a coffee & chat!

Teaching well outside the box

Straws, crowns, mirrors, magic markers, rubber ducks, pompoms, dice,  bubbles, stickers.  Relay races, rhythm games, goal setting, monthly practice challenges, breathing exercises.  Music lessons reimagined.  From group classes and band clinics to private lessons and audition prep, making music has never been so fun!

"I’ve had the pleasure of working with Stéphanie for nearly 15 years in different capacities: as a co-teacher in a private lesson setting, as a master-class clinician, and as a professional flutist on shows and concerts.  Most recently, Stéphanie has done several workshops with the music students of Emily Carr S.S. in Vaughan, Ontario, whom I teach. She is incredibly methodical in her approach and never passes up the opportunity to engage with the students on a genuine level – students simply love learning from her and understand her approach. My students have benefitted greatly from her flute tips and tricks, but also her energy in pushing themselves to strive to be better musicians. Year after year, my students request her back as a clinician, and year after year, Stéphanie certainly delivers a fantastic musical and educational experience."

Miguel Malaco 

Curricular Head of Music, Emily Carr Secondary School

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