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Home sweet home

In 2011, I said goodbye to The Big Smoke for a larger place to call my own. I packed my bags and moved to "the city above Toronto" - Vaughan.  Since then I've worked hard to establish myself in the community as a leading music educator and active community volunteer.  Here are the highlights:

As a volunteer committee member of the Woodbridge Village Farmers' Market, Stéphanie joined us on her own initiative in 2015.  Not only has Stéphanie been the idea and talent behind our Kid's Club but also for our Music Day and our social media outreach.  This year, 2018, she spearheaded the market's social media blitz with frequent postings and contests to engage people on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook resulting in over 1000 followers.

We consider Stéphanie a great asset and feel lucky to have her and her many talents.  She gives her all with a fabulous smile and a most kind heart.

Josie McCran  

Woodbridge Village Farmers' Market

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