What is kinderflute?

The method

The Kinderflute method, designed for children aged four to eight, incorporates a wide range of games, breathing exercises, listening, movement, and other fun group activities.  Kids have so much fun, they don't even realize they're learning! Students learn the basic elements of music like rhythm, note reading, and good tone. They develop skills in team work, communication, dedication, social interaction, and so much more through the group class environment.  And the part that I find most amazing is watching kids as young as three or four stay engaged and excited for over 90% of the lesson time - which most parents will agree, is fantastic.  

The inspiration

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Working with young children is what motivates and inspires me every single day.  I've been drawn to working and playing with kids my entire life and despite my best efforts to explore other career paths, it was only natural that I was always drawn back to education and little people. 


During my undergraduate degree, I took elementary music classes to earn a double specialty in elementary and secondary music. Unfortunately, it wasn't until my last year that I discovered the university wouldn't recognize these courses as a double specialty! [hello summer school.]  Thankfully, the work I did and all the courses I took gave me much needed experience teaching and planning lessons for little ones. 


After graduating with my masters, I taught music classes to kids as young as three and led summer programs to kids aged 4-8.  I developed new curriculum for a local music school to expand their programs from 3 years to senior kindergarten and even started a couple of young enthusiastic kids on piccolo because they were too small to hold a full flute! 


In 2015, after seeing all the incredible resources developed by Kathy Blocki, I decided to travel down to Pittsburgh to take the Kinderflute Teacher Certification Course. I completed my Kinderflute certification and became the very first certified Kinderflute teacher in the country. We've been making music and having fun ever since.

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